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Bike helmet is a must have accessory for all bike riders, whether professional or recreational. Several studies and researches have proven that bike helmets significantly reduce the chances of a head injury in an accident. 

Cycling as compared to other sports has less risk of an accident. But the chances of traumatic and non-traumatic injuries are still very much there. Out of these traumatic injuries, the most fatal is a head injury. 

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission "About 900 people which include more than 200 children, die every year in bike-related incidents, and the cause for 60 percent of these deaths is a head injury."

According to a study published in Cochrane Library "Helmets provide a 63 to 88% reduction in the risk of head, brain and severe brain injury for all ages of bicyclists"

A bike helmet placed on wodden bench


The Science Behind A Bike Helmet

A bike helmet looks like any common hat. There is a lot of science and thought processes involved in the manufacturing of these helmets. It consists of two main parts. A hard outer cover and a soft inner portion. 

The outer cover is so designed to diverge the impact force to a larger area. The soft inner part squeezes and absorbs the force of an impact so that a very small amount is transferred to your head. This reduces the chances of a head injury. 

Bike helmets are so designed to reduce aerodynamics resistance. Which helps you save time on your trips (more relevant to professional cycling). They are made of lightweight material and have plenty of ventilation to keep you cool on the go.

How to Select A Bike Helmet?

When buying a helmet, always remember that safety comes first. It does not really matter if your helmet is not that stylish to look at. If it is comfortable to wear and fulfills the safety requirements, go for it.

When buying a helmet, keep the following points in mind

  • Does it fit your head properly and stays in its place once you move your head?
  • Does it have a comfortable chinstrap?
  • Does it feel comfortable to wear?
  • Does it have proper ventilation?
  • Does it meet current safety standards (the latest consumer standards)?

A stylish bike helmet

A stylish bike helmet should always be your second priority. If it meets all the safety standards and even has a stylish look, it is the best helmet to have.

Is It Fine to Buy A Used Bike Helmet?

Purchasing a second-hand helmet is never a good idea and is not recommended at any cost. It is possible that a helmet looks perfectly fine. It may have cracks that you cannot see. 

The average life of a bike helmet ranges from 5 to 10 years. An old helmet might not even meet the latest consumer standards. The money you spend on your helmet is always worth it. A few bucks are not more important than your safety. Visit our store now to find yourself a good helmet.

A bike helmet placed on the handlebar.

When to Replace A Bike Helmet

If your helmet has cracked or its inner lining is not in its original position, replace it. If you had been involved in a crash but your helmet still looks good, you might still consider changing it. 

Nothing in this world is more precious than your life. Invest in a good helmet, not only do they keep you safe, but they also make you look stylish and pro! 


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