Back injury during cycling is common. The intensity of the injury can vary from case to case. To make sure you are not one of the victims, let us try to figure out the main causes. We will also try to recommend ways to fix it (based on the results of research and studies).

Importance of Back

Back is often also called the dorsum. It is a very important part of the human body. The back provides structural support to the human body. It is also responsible for specific movements and the protection of certain body tissues. It also allows for flexibility.

Comparatively, cycling has a very low injury rate when compared with other sports. Let us discuss the possibility of back pain or back injury due to cycling.


Chances Of Back Injury While Cycling

During cycling, the legs are working extensively. All the force is generated by the leg movements. Therefore, it is easy to assume that the most often experienced injury during cycling would be related to the legs. But that is not the case. 

It has been found that the most commonly occurring injury during cycling is back injury. Assessing several of the research studies that have been published on this subject. It can be said that approximately 70% of all cyclists were found to be complaining about back injury, sometime in their life. 

Chances for back injuries in athletes and recreational cyclists are equal. Therefore, understanding the mechanics involved in these injuries is of prime importance.

Reasons For Back Pain

During cycling, the thigh and calf muscles of the cyclist are heavily engaged. Cycling may involve pedal strokes from 60 to 120+ revolutions per minute. So, when a person’s body is subjected to overstress due to prolonged cycling periods, chances of the back-injury increase.

During this period of enhanced stress, the muscle moment pattern changes in an undesirable manner. This undesirable muscle moment pattern causes back injuries to the cyclists. 

As per another study published on Thieme-Connect, out of 224 female and male recreational cyclists who were a part of the study, 30% reported a back-injury due to overuse.

Also, when the body is fatigued, after a prolonged period of static flexion. Our back-extensor muscles become weak, unable to maintain spinal stability and posture. 

According to a study published by docksci.comweak transverse abdominal and lumbar multifidus spinae have a big role in causing back injuries. 


Having an uncomfortable saddle can also result in an undesirable cycling posture. This increases the risk of injury in a relatively shorter period.

How to Fix

To avoid back injuries due to fatigue and stress it is imperative to build a strong core. Doing the right exercises would make your body more durable and resistant to back pain. Following exercise can help you to build a stronger core.
1.     Hollowman
2.     Plank
3.     Sit-ups
4.     V ups
You can check out more amazing exercises to build a stronger core here.

For recreational cyclists, it is important that they take care of their posture when they are cycling and more importantly when they are not cycling. During work hours, make sure you are sitting while maintaining a good posture. This would ensure that your back muscles are in optimum condition.

It is also important that while cycling you are comfortable. A good saddle suspension like our CarbonFIT - Premium INBUILT SADDLE SUSPENSION would keep you at ease. It would also help you get rid of those annoying saddle strains. 

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