How to choose a bike seat?

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Are you looking for a new bike seat that keeps you comfortable on the go?

Nobody wants to be uncomfortable especially when they are out on a ride. Comfort is the foremost important agenda of all cyclists whether they be professional or recreational. 

Let us see how you can choose a bike seat that gives you optimum comfort.

Bike Seat

Why is a bike seat important?

To correctly determine which is the best seat to buy, first, we must understand the mechanics involved. During cycling, your entire body weight is resting upon the the saddle. Therefore, it should provide the required support to your body. 

Buy a seat with a lot of cushioning (Not Recommended)

While getting a comfortable seat for you is very important it does not necessarily mean that you must buy a seat with a lot of cushioning. The reason being such a seat will not be firm enough to provide you requisite support. It will cause your body to sink in and will put an increased pressure on your soft tissues. 

Such a situation could end up in severe pain in your lower back. That is why such seats are not recommended.

What type of cyclist are you?

This is the first important thing to consider while choosing a bike seat. There are three main categories of cycling.

  • Recreational cycling
  • Road cycling
  • Mountain biking

There are different types of seats for each category. Visit our store now to choose from a wide range of bike seats.

What type of cushioning would you prefer?

They are two types of bike cushioning.

  • Gel cushioning  

    Gel cushion seats are more comfortable. They distribute the weight of the human body evenly and therefore reduces strain on the vital pressure points. Most recreational cyclists prefer gel cushioning seats.
  • Foam cushioning

    Foam seats get compacted much slower than gel seats. This type of seat is more preferred by road cyclists.
A comfortable bike seat

What material would you prefer?

There are three common types of seats in terms of material.

  • Synthetic Seats

    Seats of synthetic material are lightweight and low maintenance. They can have both types of cushioning, gel, or foam. They are the most popular type of seats used.
  • Leather Seats

    Initially a little uncomfortable but gradually comes up to the expectations. A big demerit of these seats is that leather is not waterproof.
  • Cotton Seats   

    Cotton covers offer excellent comfort but are very rare. Another merit of cotton cover is that they require a very shorter break-in period.

What seat size best suits you?

There are different types of seat sizes available, for corresponding body types. Choose one that is wide enough to support your body weight. It should not be extra wide because an extra-wide seat may cause chaffing. It is also worth mentioning here that based on location of sit bones, bicycle seats for men and women are different.

How to Measure Sit bones

An easy way to measure sit bones is by employing corrugated cardboard. The method involves sitting on corrugated cardboard for a specific time. After that, you should mark the center points of the impressions and measure the distance between them with a scale or a measuring tape. Read more about sit bones here.

Choose A Bike Seat That Protect Perineum

You must have experienced a sore bum because of extended periods of cycling. Actually, it is not the bum that is making you uncomfortable, it is the perineum. The bike seat which will protect your perineum would be a seat that is comparatively wider. 

You can read more about the reasons why the perineum is affected and why a wider bike seat is better, here.

The Most Comfortable One

The most comfortable bike seat would be a seat with sufficient cushioning. It should be wide enough to support your sit bones in an appropriate manner and narrow enough to prevent chaffing. 


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