The Bike Buying Guide – Select A Perfect Bike

The Bike Buying Guide – Select A Perfect Bike


The bike buying process is an easy one if you know the right things to consider.
Cycling has numerous benefits. It not only reduces your stress level, but it also has major positive impacts on your health. These health benefits include increased cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength, improved posture, strengthened bones, and many more.
To be the beneficiary of the above-stated advantages, let us guide you regarding things to consider while buying a bike.


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Choose the right type of bike

The first question that you should answer when looking to choose the right bike for yourself is, “For what activities are you buying a bicycle?”

There are different categories of bikes available in the stores for the different types of activities you intend to perform. These include: -

  1. Road bikes
  2. Mountain bikes
  3. Hybrid bikes (a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike)
  4. Cyclocross bikes (for popular racing discipline that is cyclocross)
  5. Folding bikes 
  6. Electric bikes (comes with an integrated electric motor to assist propulsion)
  7. Touring bikes (for carrying heavy loads and keep cyclists comfortable)


How much you want to spend?

The price range for a bicycle can differ significantly, depending upon the specifications. A simple road or mountain bike may cost you a few hundred bucks whereas a piece of art like a 24k Gold men’s racing bike would cost £208,333.33

Therefore, you must decide beforehand regarding the specifications of your bike and adjust according to your budget. There are even plenty of second-hand bike stores, where you can buy good bikes at very affordable prices. After that, you can always customize your bike with your favorite accessories

By visiting our store now, you can select from a wide range of premium quality pedals, safety lights, and saddles. This would cover the aesthetical and performance aspect of your bike whether it is a used or a brand-new bike.


Select a suitable bike size

No bike buying guide could be complete without some advice on selecting the right bike size. Different types of bikes come in different sizes. You must choose a bike that is built for your body type. Choosing the right option would not only keep you comfortable but protect your body from developing long-term and short-term injuries.

There are bike size charts available that would help you choose the right size, based on your height and weight.


Consider the handlebar type

You must decide what type of handlebar is more suitable for you. The handlebars contribute to a cyclist’s comfort, versatility, power generation, aerodynamics, and control. 

The main types of handlebars include: -

  1. Flat bars
  2. Riser bars
  3. Bullhorns
  4. Drop handlebars
  5. Aero handlebars
  6. Cruiser handlebars
  7. Butterfly handlebars

Each type is perfect for its specific use. Each handlebar has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it is important that before you decide on a handlebar type, you must consider the proportion of comfort, versatility, power generation, aerodynamics, and control it offers. 


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A Guide to Select Bike Seat

Having a bike seat that is a source of comfort is of prime importance. The bike seat should have sufficient padding to prevent chafing and be able to absorb vibrations. It must protect the perineum to ensure you have a smooth ride. You can read more about how to choose a bike seat here.


Take a test ride

The final suggestion of this bike buying guide is that just before you finalize your decision based on the above-stated factors, take a test ride. This would ensure that you have gone through the thought process systematically and have made the right decision.

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