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Wearing cycling gloves is essential for a cyclist, whether professional or recreational. They have the same importance as your padded shorts and a cycling jersey. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable having gloves on, especially during summers. But the benefits of wearing gloves during cycling are many. 

Cyclist wearing cycling gloves


Whether you like it or not, cycling may involve many crashes and falls. No matter how much of an expert you are, there can be many surprises down the road. It is not always a cyclist’s fault that causes him to crash and fall. There could be many other factors which may include a trespassing animal, a rash speedster, or a hazardous track.

It is better if we prepare ourselves for such odd situations. It is human nature, when they fall, they try to protect themselves by using their hands. This reflex action has the potential to cause damage to our hands. Therefore, using gloves during cycling is a must. They will help us prevent scratches, cuts, and bruises. 


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Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

During cycling, due to our posture, the pressure is developed on the veins passing through wrists and fingers. This increased pressure can cause numbness and pain in our fingers. Many vibrations are also experienced during the rides.

Cycling gloves are specially designed for cycling. They have added layers of padding that are meant to absorb vibrations and provide comfort to your hands. in a research study published, also advises to wear gloves to prevent hand numbness and tingling. Reduced vibrations and increased comfort will improve your handle grip and control over the bike.

Wrist Injury Prevention

Handlebar palsy or cyclist’s palsy is common in cyclists. It is the compression or irritation of a nerve in the wrist. The degree of this problem increases as the terrain gets rougher. Handlebar palsy can cause numbness, tingling, weakness, and severe pain in the wrist.

Wearing good quality cycling gloves will dampen the vibrations and help to retain your wrists stress-free. It therefore significantly reduces the chances of a wrist injury.

Getting Rid of Sweat

Cycling is a rigorous activity. During summers it can result in a lot of sweat. While during winters you may have a running nose. Most of the cycling gloves have an integrated towel piece. It is conventionally located across the thumb. It is meant for the sweat to be wiped away. 

Winter Cycling Gloves

During winters your hands can easily get numb while cycling. This can affect your control over the handlebar, applying brakes, and shifting gears. A good pair of winter cycling gloves will protect your hands from getting numb.

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Enhanced Grip

There are certain situations that can adversely affect your handle grip. These include humid conditions resulting in a lot of sweat, rainy weather, and maybe a few more.

Cycling gloves are designed to soak the undesirable liquids and thereby allows you to maintain a good handle grip. 

Choosing the Right Gloves

There are different types of cycling gloves available. There are specific gloves for each type of weather and conditions. Visit our store to choose the premium quality gloves that best suit you and your conditions. However, when selecting a pair of gloves, you must consider the size, padding, material, and design of the gloves. 

Benefits of wearing cycling gloves


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