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Have you ever come home late unexpectedly you’re so afraid you won’t be seen on the road with your bike?
You can now say goodbye to your worries with Safetycycle™ All In One Bike Light.
A new partner to your bike.

This innovative, waterproof and lightweight super bright rechargeable bike light have dual modes which can keep you 100% visible at nigh time and 100% safe on the road. Convenient remote control, always shows where you going with a single button press.

Its Smart Sensing brake light has 180 degree visibility to ensure you are seen farther away even on a busy street during nigh time.

It’s easy to charge on your laptop, power bank and other USB ports. It also very portable and fully charged quickly.

The most convenient of it all is it can be mounted on your bike in seconds and adjust the tail light angle. Plus, you can also mount it on your helmet,your backpack or seat bag to keep safe you safe whenever your on the road.
  • Super Bright LED Taillights-  The taillights use 5 high brightness red SMD patches and 4 blue light SMD patches. The left and right yellow light SMDs have high brightness, which can effectively remind vehicles coming and going behind, which will greatly improve your riding safety!
  • Remote Control- The taillight has a wireless remote control, which is very easy to install on the bicycle handlebar. The buttons control the different signal modes of the tail light, making riding more convenient!
  • Waterproof- Bicycle signal lights are sealed at the front and rear, which is highly waterproof and can be easily used on rainy days, making riding safer!
  • Easy to Install & Fits Any Type Of Bike- Incredibly easy to install, it takes just a few seconds! Fits any type of bikes: various bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, off-road bikes, racing bikes!


- High Brightness Wick
- 5 Lighting Modes
- USB Quick Charge
- Life Waterproof
-Battery capacity: 700 mAh
-Life time: 4-5 hours

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