BIKEDESCENT™ Innovative Disc Brake aligner

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The BIKEDESCENT™ Disc Brake Pad is an easy tool to use that provides the perfect alignment every time, the Disc Brake Pad inserts the rubberized steel on either side of the disc to obtain the correct pad spacing!

This folding stainless-steel and aluminum tool are small and light so that you can even take it along on rides if you want. The aluminum body of the tool works as a brake pad spreader (once the wheel is removed), a braking power tester, and a pad gap feeler gauge.

They’re unfolded from the tool like opening a pocket knife and then slid in between the rotor and the brake pads to act as thin shims to help center the brake caliper to stop rubbing.

Features :

  • Stop Brake Rub, Align Your Disc Brakes Faster
  • Easy to carry and storage, foldable design
  • Compatible with all types of disc brakes
  • Weight: 5g. 

Hold on to the brake you’re working on by squeezing the lever and keeping it squeezed. This will center the caliper over the rotor, keep holding the brake on and then tighten the bolts fixing the caliper to the frame again. Be sure to torque them!

Now it's easy to Stop Brake Rub, Align Your Disc Brakes Faster!

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