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This PREMIUM 9D CYCLING UNDERWEAR is a must-have accessory for all cyclists. Its super-soft gel padding keeps you comfortable and chafe-free on the go. The padding is so placed to protect your perineum on long rides. The material is highly breathable and removes the moisture to keep your skin sweat-free. Its ergonomic fitting follows the body contours for enhanced comfort. 

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A Strain-Free Experience

Saddle strains are annoying and brutally affect your cycling efficiency. They not only are painful but also spoil the joy of our ride. The 9D technology ensures that you stay free of these saddle strains and enjoy your journey without a sore bum.

Protects Your Perineum

Apart from the strain, many cyclists complain about a sore bum after a long ride. Actually, that is not your bum that causes this irritation, it is your perineum. Your new cycling underwear is so designed that it protects your perineum by up to 89%. The superior quality gel padding absorbs vibrations and provides you a chafe-free experience.

Light-Weight and Comfortable

Your new cycling underwear is made from the best available material. It is so light to wear that you would not actually be bothered about wearing anything at all. Its elastic fabric perfectly matches your body contours and makes it very easy to be worn under your pants or cycling shorts.

Extremely Breathable

Sweat running down the body is an extremely annoying thing while riding a bike. That is why we have made your new cycling underwear with an extremely breathable material. It will keep your body free of sweat so that you can stay relaxed and comfortable. 

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