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These glueless patches are convenient and easy to use.

Works on most bicycle inner tubes and other inflatable items.

Suitable for small cuts and snake bites (name for the holes on your tube)

This is the kind of thing everyone who calls themselves a bicycle mechanic should always keep on hand.

They stick very well even when a hole is next to an already patched hole. Just center it and put it on there over the hole and it sticks to the patch as well as surrounding tube.

Kit includes 6 small circle tire tube patches and 1 frosted sheet in a compact portable plastic case.

Bike Tire Patch

Product Details

  • Stickers diameter: 2.4 cm.


  • Super-sticky performance under high pressure 
  • Each small box with six Tyre sheet and a frosted sheet
  • Suitable for road and mountain bike tires

Package Content

  • 1× Repair Kit

Bike Tire Patch