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These Innovative Winter Cycling Gloves made from 100% synthetic material are designed for recreational cyclists. Its premium fleece lining keeps your hands warm and cozy. The SBR cushion palm pad reduces the vibrations by 90%, keeping hands free of numbness. Its anti-skid silicone strips offer enhanced grip, improving your control over the handlebars.


    Best Winter Cycling Gloves

    During winters, our hands get numb due to the cold weather. This not only makes bike riding uncomfortable but also makes it difficult to maintain sound control over the bike. With these winter gloves, cold hands are no more a problem. Made with superior quality fleece, they are specifically designed to keep your hands warm on the go.

    Prevent Hand Numbness

    During bike riding our hands get numb not only due to cold weather but also because of the constant pressure on the wrists. These gloves have a super soft lining that keeps your wrists at ease and prevents hand numbness. The padding absorbs most of the vibrations to keep your hands stress-free.

    Enhanced Grip

    Griping handlebar and other objects could be a problem during rain. This should not be your concern anymore; the silicone anti-skid strips make it impossible for an object to slip through your hand. Its flexible finishing helps you grip handlebars and other objects with ease.

    Better Protection

    During winters road can be extra slippery because of rain and dew. The SBR cushion palm pads are rugged, offering you better protection against cuts and scratches in case of a fall.

    Smart Phone Compatibility

    Now you can receive calls and send text messages without taking off your winter gloves. With its conductive fabric on the thumb and index finger, your new pair of gloves are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

    High-Quality Finish

    They have a premium quality finishing and a sky star design, that's why ugly looking gloves are not our concern anymore. Highly reflective strips make them glow during dark hours keeping you safe from any untoward situations.


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