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If you need a set of lightweight tire levers that’s perfect for your tight fitting tires.

And a lever that fits your storage in your bike tool bag.

Look no more.

This lever is strong and durable enough you won’t have to worry that it may break.

Because of its smooth edges, it won’t mar the tubeless strip that you possibly experienced with a couple of other levers available.

This is the tire lever you will need for your early morning hill climbs to weekend crossroad trips with your friends.  

With its unique finger grips that make it super comfortable to use. And a molded pivot point for optimal pry force so you can remove even the tightest tires.

These are the only levers you will ever need.



High hardness,Ultralight,easy to take,Self-contained inner tube deflator,Streamline model,Impact resistance,durable





High hardness,Ultralight:




Intimate small groove:




easy to take:




4 colors:



How to use: